Friday, March 27, 2009

Golden Falls Store Prefab

Originally uploaded by rayvnhynes
This is a smallish store prefab, about 35x30m. It’s a tad smaller than that, but that’s the amount of space I’d give it, just in case. I haven’t seen a furnished store prefab anywhere else, and decided I would do one. There’s seating, a couple of plants, area rugs, artwork, clothing racks and displays…and all it’s missing is your products! The logo on the outside of the store is my friend’s logo, but you can drag your own logo right on top of it. The way I have the furnished one set up, it comes in at 420 prims. The empty building is 201 prims. Of course, everything is mod/copy, so you can change textures, cut prims, add or subtract whichever displays to use, move stuff around, or whatever you want to do to customize it for yourself. You have to go to the prefab rezzer outside of my store to see Golden Falls in all of its glory. You can get this set furnished or unfurnished.

Jody Livingroom Set

Originally uploaded by rayvnhynes
I’m like a little kid proud of this set, and I hope you guys love it as much as I do. It’s full of black and white, and creamy, fancy goodness. Luckily, we don’t get dirty in sl, cause in rl, this set wouldn’t be for sitting. The sofa is stuffed full of poses for 3 people. Click on the candles to turn them on or off. They flicker like real candles! The fruit is plastic, don’t eat it. I made the fruit bowl cheapola cause I got the fruits from the library folder, I just made the bowl. Click on the lamp to turn it off and on, and it makes a little clicky sound like a light switch. The side chairs each have 4 sits in them, so you can sit how you want and, the whole set weighs in at 85 prims. You can get this set in copy or trans permission, yay!

Rustic Spring Livingroom Set

Originally uploaded by rayvnhynes
I decided to go a little bit shabby for this set. This is something that I’d furnish my own house with. Everything is all rustic and mismatchy, and even one of the end tables has a short leg and is using a book to prop it up. The sofa has 4 menu driven sits for one person…sorry, I couldn’t fit more people on it with the animations I used. So, I added some pillows for the floor, which also has 4 menu driven sits for one person. Both of the lamps turn off and on by touching them and make the clickity sound previously mentioned. This set weighs in at 82 prims, and is also available as copy or trans. Of course, as usual, both of these sets are mod so you can customize any of the textures if you wish.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Modern Man Furniture Set

This is my biggest furniture set so far. Modern Man has 17 pieces, and was designed with the guys in mind. I found some RL inspiration for this really awesome stainless bed, and designed a whole room around it... accessories and all. The side chair has multiple sits in it, the light turns off and on by touch, and the bed is filled with pervy, cuddly, and sleepy animations. In the box, I've included an empty bed and a menu driven bed. 

I think I'll be doing this from now on with my bedroom sets. 

mod/no copy/trans

Serene Gazebo Set

I've got a little bit of spring fever. It's coooold here, so I made something for warm weather. Serene is a gazebo with a large bed sized lounger, plush curtains, flickering candles, and some nag champa incense. The lounger has sits for 4 avatars. And the curtains are linked separately than the gazebo in case you're low on prims. 

The Gazebo is 19 prims, and the curtains are 49 prims.

mod/no copy/trans

Bluesy Baby Nursery Set

I made a boy version of the nursery set, and it looks sooo cute! I call it Bluesy Baby, and any prim baby boy would think you're the coolest mom ever if you furnished his room with this set.

mod/no copy/trans

Shabby Baby

I made baby furniture! Perfect for your shabby little baby girl. The rocking chair rocks, so you can rock your little one to sleep. I don't have a lot to say about it, just come see it!

mod/no copy/trans

Modern Vanity Set

I've had a vanity with makeup set written down on my *stuff to make* list for a couple of months now. And, yeah... I'm finally getting to it. 

Go team Rayvn! 

Aaanyway... I don't smoke anymore, but when I did, I was always smoking when I put on my makeup. Then I'd get smoke in my eye, and get mad. So, I added a pack of smokes, an ashtray and a smoking cig to the set (you don't have to put these out if you don't smoke, of course :D). Click on the makeups and watch em change color. Admire yourself in the mirror, have a smoke (included), and sniff the perdy flowers.

mod/no copy/trans

Milk Crate Shops

So, I found a few random pics of milk crates.. .and then I stared at them. For a long time. Then, that little lightbulb came over my head and it told me to turn it upside down and make a store prefab out of it! So... I did. And, I made 4 texture variations of them: White, 2 Tone, Beach, and Metal.

The two side stores are actually the same, but i did the work of rotating one of them for you... cause I'm nice like that. :D They're all mod/copy, so you can retexture, take prims out, add to them, rez 4 million of them... whatever.

Side Stores - 43 Prims
Corner Store - 45 Prims

mod/copy/no trans

Escape Bathroom Set

Bathrooms aren't something I generally do, because I think bathrooms in SL are kind of silly. But, for those of you who like to pretend to do your business and cleanse yourself, here is the Escape Bathroom. I couldn't fit everything in the ad pic, but there's also included a potty, a plunger, a roll of tp to hang on the wall, a towel rack with a couple of necessities, and a rack for next to your tub, along with everything else that's pictured in the ad pic.

I've also made a separate box, so you can buy just the candles separately as a package of 10.
The shower can be turned off and on just by touching it, and the tub has both a bathing and shower pose. There's a lounger included with 2 lounging animations. All of the candles can be lit/unlit just by touching them, and if you force your sun to midnight, you can see them flicker!

All pieces can be purchased separately in the store, or as a full set for a discounted price.
This set is the beginning of an ongoing project. I plan to have a full house full of furniture to go along with this one! And, maybe, eventually a house built around the furniture :)

mod/no copy/trans

Japanese Community House

This house was quite a bit of a challenge for me, since it went totally outside of my norm. I googled a lot of Japanese house pictures, and threw some design elements together, and the Japanese Community House is what I came up with. :D 

Complete with sliding Shoji screen doors and torii inspired door frames. (Look, I learned something! woo!) Anyway... I had fun with this house, and challenged myself learning a whole different area of design, and I plan on doing more!

mod/copy/no transfer

Cancun House

I had a request to change up the Cancun House a bit. Sooo, I made it a lighter wood, with darker wood accents and added an extra room. If you live with a couple of friends, this house is perfect for you.

The house is complete with open and close blinds and lockable doors.

212 prims

mod/copy/no transfer

The Stratton Office

This office is 110 prims for the full set, and I stocked the shelves full of books, pictures and accessories. There are scattered papers and schedules on the desk, and the floating flower tea lights on the shelf on the desk can be turned off and on by touching them. 

(The Stratton Office can be found inside the middle of the store, right against the back wall.)

mod/no copy/trans

Deco Shops

These come in a package of 4 small shops, 5 large shops, or a package of all of them combined with a bit of a discount. The Deco stores were made with Art Deco inspiration. Each store should butt up perfectly next to each other if you're snapping them to the grid, and keep each one under 25 prims.

Included in the box are the shops in a rezzer, separately, so you can use them set up how I have them, or place them your own way.

(These stores can only be found in the prefab rezzer outside to the North of the store.)

mod/copy/no trans