Sunday, July 19, 2009

MudHoney Designs Luxury Chicken Coop

It's been all the rage lately, those crazy sion chickens. But, I haven't really seen a whole lot of pretty places to put them. So, the first in my series of designer chicken coops, the Wright Inspired Chicken Coop.

I've always admired the creations of Frank Lloyd Wright, and decided, why not a chicken coop inspired by Wright?

I've included 2 feeders, 4 roosting perches and 2 egg shelves inside the coop. They're not linked, so you can add extra ones included, or take them out if you don't need them. Also, if the build is too many prims, you can safely take off the extra design elements I've put on the build, like the roof overhang and the pillars.

The door locks, and includes a whitelist notecard you can add people's names in there that are ok to enter the coop. I've set the door for owner access only, but it can be changed in the Configuration notecard to Everyone or Group.

The coop fits pretty nicely in a 10x10 area, and is 98 prims with the accessories included. It's 70 Prims for just the coop and the door.

As always, if you have any questions, concerns or comments, feel free to IM me (Rayvn Hynes), and I will be happy to help.

Happy Farming!