Monday, January 11, 2010

Friday, January 8, 2010

Glam Dressing Room

Glam Dressing Room
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Someone had requested that I made a vanity for a dressingroom that, when you sit, moves the camera so it looks like you're looking in the mirror at yourself. So, I decided to make an entire room out of it. All of the pieces you see in the photo come in the set, including the curtain wall.

Find it here.

Glam Dressing Room Photoble

I had started on the Glam Dressing Room, and decided it would be fun to make a Photoble in the same theme. There are 5 single poses and 2 (dirty) couple's poses included. I glammed it up a bit more than your ordinary department store dressing room. Who says you can't have a chandelier in there? All poses made by Glitterati.

Find it here.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Mudhoney Winter Wonderland Photoble

This Photoble would have been great before Christmas, but will still work nicely for the wintery season. I've gotten two wonderful posemakers to supply poses, and they turned out soooo cute.

There are 7 single poses and 1 couple's pose. The Photoble weighs in a 68 prims, and comes with a rezzer, just like all the other ones, for easy assembly and cleanup.

There are poses in the light pole, deer, bench and sidewalk. Just right click and choose "Relax" to sit.

You can also use any of your own poses inside the Photoble, and even take the pieces out to use in your own decor.

The snow shown in the pictures is NOT included. I purchased it from Eyefliez Inc (Jabba Aabye).

The Winter Wonderland Photoble can be found HERE.

Friday, December 18, 2009

MudHoney Winter Livingroom

Hey guys, I'm excited to release this new set, cause I've been working on it for like a week and a half, and I'm sooo happy with how it turned out :)

Winter Livingroom

Winter Livingroom

Slurl to this set

If you land at the landing point, us the directory board to tp to the livingrooms building.

It comes in copy or transfer sets, just as all of my other sets do. The sofa, bolster, pillows and stool each have menu-driven sits in them. The sofa will seat two people, the pillows seat one person, and the stool seats one. The bolster will seat two people, and there are reading animations included. To get a book to read, click on either one of the poofs on the end of the bolster, and just wear to read :)

The candles each turn off and on by touching them, and the cabinet, you can open by clicking the doors. You can also click on the book stack to get a book to read.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mudhoney in So 2010

Mudhoney in So 2010
Originally uploaded by rayvnhynes
Hey guys, just sendin a note to let you all know I'm participating in So 2010, along with a bunch of really awesome designers.

This means that I've marked down a few random things in my store to 50L for the duration of this event. I'm not telling you which items are marked down, but I will give you a couple of hints. The marked down items are only in the livingroom and bedroom buildings, are not full sets, and are not accessories. It is only major pieces of furniture.

The So 2010 event runs from today 12/12/09 till 12/27/09, so there's not a big hurry to find everything right away. Have fun!

Here's the list of other stores participating :)

!"So 2010"! Secret 50L Sale walkthrough
Have Fun!

1. Piddidle - Brutus Martinek
2. Dead Fantasy- Ashli Sella
3. Ingenue - Betty Doyle
3. Caroline's Jewelry - Caroline Apollo
4.Giana Paine - Gigi Couture
5. Emery - Sunami Beck & Serjordan Bonetto􀀌
6. Digit Darkes - Digit Darkes
7. OMFG) I love it! & (OMFG) - redsoledrea Gossipgirl
8. PR!TTY - Karla Marama
9. Peaches - Scarlett Hamelin
10. ABISS - Frasha Boa
11. Morantique - Mo Miasma
12. Posh - Jeanie Valois
13. Baiastice - Sissy Pessoa
14. Hucci - Eboni Khan
15. IrEn - Irischka Hotshot
16. Berries Inc. - summse Sands
17. Mentine - valentine Biddle
18. Zari - Zari Genira
19. Boudoir - Vitabela Dubrovna
20. SD Wears - SDWears Honi
21. AtomicBambi - AtomicSparkle Skytower
22. Ravissant - Shayla McBride
23. #Before Sleep# - Sarahlin Constantine
24.Calamity Hathaway Creations- Calamity Hathaway
25. Bliss Couture - Amutey Decuir
26. Mimikri hot couture - Mimikri Kit
27. Trish Talon Fashions - Trish Talon
28. Attituede - Amby Parkin
29.Frippery - Elizabeth Tinsley
30. Mustache - Mae Liamano
31. MudHoney Designs - Rayvn Hynes

32. Gracies - Grace Winnfield
33. Glance Skins - Joakim Asbrink
34. callie cline - callie cline

-Rayvn Hynes

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Daily Deals!

Holiday Dinner Set
Originally uploaded by rayvnhynes
Hey everyone, I just wanted to send a notice to let you guys know, I'm participating in SL Daily Deals ( I've put in my Holiday Dinner set and there are only 44 sets left, and I've included my newest photoble as an extra gift inside! The special price won't be available after midnight tonight, so if you've been eyeing this set, now is the time to get it :)

Click here to go to Sugar Mill. :)