Thursday, May 21, 2009

New - Gift Cards at Mudhoney and Xstreet!

New gift cards inworld at the store and on xstreet!

5009L, 1000L, 500L and 250L - The 5000L and 1000L are discounted! Run! Hurry!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Logo Contest!

This is something I probably should have done a while ago, but it's come to an important part in my *career*, I suppose, that I need a good logo, and I'd love your help!

I need more than just a pretty picture with my store name on it.  I need a symbol, or mark, or whatever you'd like to call it, that would represent MudHoney Designs.  

There are *rules* to the logo design, as I need to be able to do certain things with it.
  • It must be a simple and clean design on a transparent background (preferably a vector so I can resize it without pixelation).
  • It must be black and white.  You may make one with color as a sample, but it must be black and white.
  • It must be scalable (which is why it would be best if it's a vector).  I want to be able to make it large enough for a store sign, or small enough to stamp on my ads.
  • The top 5 finalists MUST be able to provide the PSD or AI file.  This will be sent to my email at the end of the contest.
Since you can't send a vector inworld, everyone who would like to participate can send a full perm .png or .tga file to me inworld of the finished graphic, or post it to the MudHoney Designs Flickr Pool at .  Any entries sent to me inworld must give me permission to post to the Flickr pool.  

I will be judging, along with input from a panel of other people, which design I will use.

Of course there's something in this for you too.  The top 5 entries will each receive a 500L gift certificate to MudHoney Designs.  Second place will receive a 5000L gift card.  And the person who comes up with the winning entry, will be given a 10,000L gift certificate to MudHoney, and will be publicly chastised... er...announced.  I'll also be throwing in a date with my hubby. (He says no happy endings.)

I'll also be planning an event to congratulate the winner and runner ups, held at Club Fusion!

The contest will be running from 5/10/09 until 6/10/09 to give plenty of time to come up with ideas.  You may send as many entries as you'd like.

Please send all entries to myself, Rayvn Hynes, or post directly to the store Flickr pool at .

I know there are many of you who are very talented, or know someone who is.  Even if this isn't necessarily the right contest for you but you know someone who would love it, feel free to pass on this message.  I also strongly encourage input for any designs posted in the Flickr pool!

Let the logo designing begin!

(Oh yeah, and I was kidding about the date with my hubby hehe :D)

-Ravyn Hynes

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Group Gift Coming Up!

Within the next couple of days, I'll have a group gift.  Just a novelty kinda thing, so you should join the subscribe-o-matic to get it in the next few days :D

Mother's Day Themed Hunt

We are participating in a Mother's Day themed hunt with the Mill Estates. This is a different kind of hunt - Sugar Mill Grove, The Lovely Shops @ Gateaux Blvd and O Magine HomeWorks! The hunt will not cross sims. Other words, vendors on Lovely hide their items on Lovely and so forth. The dates are from May 9th through May 23rd, or until the prizes are gone. Once a prize is found, there won't be any more of that prize left! I'll be giving 2 gifts for this hunt. Good luck!

Fancy loot from 10 awesome shops!

How would you like to win a shopping spree to your favorite store? Yes, that would be pretty great. Now imagine that x10. Yes, 10 shops! You could win some fancy loot from 10 awesome shops! And just think how much MORE fun it is to shop than it is to follow crowds from one laggy location to another chasing freebies that may or may not be any good. Did I say "awesome shops"? Well, yes in fact I did. How about these: Artilleri, Courtisane, EarthStones, LeeZu!, LionSkins, MALT Fashions, MudHoney Designs, Spork, SySy Designs, and Zaara. See? I told you they were awesome. By playing webQuest, you could win a piece of this. And all that just for answering some questions! Visit any participating shop and find the webQuest sign, click the sign and get all the information you need to start your webQuest! The contest begins on May 1 and closes on May 16.  May 17 is the drawing for winners.