Saturday, June 13, 2009

Aaaaand, the moment you've all been waiting for!! ((drumroll please!!!))

The winners of the logo contest, yay!

1st Place - Khea Karas

2nd Place - Grace Staryk

Runner Ups-
Brie Pinazzo
luxi wirefly
Caemlyn Witherspoon and
Tippi Dagger
sarahlin constantine
Trinity Collazo
Jordan Melodie

Thank you thank you thank you everyone who entered, you'll all receive your prizes shortly! I'm so happy with all of the entries and love how talented you all are. Thank you bunches :D -Rayvn

Friday, June 12, 2009

Luna Gazebo and Lune Cuddle Gazebo!

The Luna Gazebo is packed full of furniture and accessories. The hanging cuddle lounger has a cuddle menu in it, just click and sit on the poseballs. I've also included a regular non-cuddle sit in each of the bolsters just in case you're not in a snuggly kinda mood. The sofa has 3 menu-driven sits in each cushion, so 3 people can sit however they choose. Each of the side chairs have 4 menu-driven sits in them, just click on the chair after sitting to get the menu. The candles also turn off and on by touching the wicks. Lots of pieces in this one.

The Luna Cuddle Gazebo includes a cuddle lounger with a menu, so click and sit on the poseballs. This one has a few of the same pieces as as the other gazebo, but added curtains, a trunk and a pillow pile.

Each piece can be bought separately (mod/no copy only), or bought in full sets.

Each set is available in mod/copy or mod/trans, so you can pick whichever you like :) I'll have these displayed by my pond for a week, and then will be moving it to the house rezzer to save some prims.

TP to the gazebo here!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

We're In 'ROLE Magazine'!

We are in an article in the House and Living section of Role Magazine, titled 'Living on the Seaside of Second Life', written by Keely Huet. She says some very nice things about our furniture and decor and includes us as, "one of the stores on the grid that will give you a kick start towards that perfect seaside look."

"The store Mudhoney has been on the scene for a little while now offering quality items ranging from beds, prefabs, pillows, couches, art, basically everything you would need for your home. The textures are shaded wonderfully. The Wave Side Chair grabbed my attention immediately. I love the way it's shaped, and the blue and white lend a seaside feel. It would be perfect outside on some decking while you SL fish or would look terrific inside as part of a living room arrangement. It's incredibly versatile. The Shell in the Sand art piece was an obvious choice for the seaside look but I felt it was very edgy and modern and ti's the perfect piece to just tie in a room to take the look from normal shabby chic to something a tad more nautical. The Beach Bum Bed from Mudhoney  is a lovely bed with cuddle poses built in. It has big pillows that look oh, so fluffy and it has traditional summer colors blues, greens and browns. I adore how the bedspread on this bed looks and how the top of it is folded over. Another side edition for your home is the Tansu Steps. It is sort of a unit for putting things on but reminds me of old boxes on a dock stacked up in neatly. It's not only pretty to look out but looks fab with a few items plunked down on it. Mudhoney offers so many choices and is really a shop that should be visited even if you aren't interested in a seaside look.

~Keely Huet"

Go check it out!