Friday, December 18, 2009

MudHoney Winter Livingroom

Hey guys, I'm excited to release this new set, cause I've been working on it for like a week and a half, and I'm sooo happy with how it turned out :)

Winter Livingroom

Winter Livingroom

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If you land at the landing point, us the directory board to tp to the livingrooms building.

It comes in copy or transfer sets, just as all of my other sets do. The sofa, bolster, pillows and stool each have menu-driven sits in them. The sofa will seat two people, the pillows seat one person, and the stool seats one. The bolster will seat two people, and there are reading animations included. To get a book to read, click on either one of the poofs on the end of the bolster, and just wear to read :)

The candles each turn off and on by touching them, and the cabinet, you can open by clicking the doors. You can also click on the book stack to get a book to read.

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